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Who We Are

United Vision Ry Association, founded in 2023 in Finland, is a non-profit organization committed to empowering youth through cross-cultural experiences, volunteering, and social entrepreneurship. We focus on fostering tolerance, an entrepreneurial spirit, and providing opportunities for young individuals to acquire knowledge and qualifications. Our mission includes contributing to economic growth, production efficiency, and addressing socio-economic needs through collaborative efforts. We stand as a catalyst for positive change, promoting volunteering as a universal value and creating sustainable partnerships at local, regional, and national levels. United Vision is dedicated to shaping a vibrant and inclusive future for young people.

United Vision Bridging Communities, Inspiring Change


United Vision Association, established in 2023 in Finland, is a non-profit organization committed to enriching the aspirations of young individuals through mobility initiatives. Our mission is to empower young people from diverse cultures, fostering tolerance, nurturing entrepreneurial spirit, and facilitating the acquisition of knowledge and qualifications. We actively engage in international collaboration, primarily focusing on Volunteering Activities and Social Entrepreneurship. At United Vision, we believe in contributing to economic growth, enhancing production efficiency, and promoting sustainability by addressing socio-economic needs. Our approach involves strategic planning to analyze challenges, integrating the collaborative culture of the European Union, and harnessing the creativity of our citizens, especially the youth.


United Vision Association, founded in 2023 in Finland, envisions a future where young individuals from diverse backgrounds collaboratively shape a vibrant and sustainable civil society. Our vision is to be a catalyst for fostering universal understanding of volunteering as a core value, advocating for a conducive environment that recognizes and supports the contributions of volunteers. We aim to cultivate enduring collaborations at local, regional, and national levels, transcending boundaries and promoting positive change through innovative and sustainable initiatives. United Vision is committed to empowering the youth, nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit, and contributing to the socio-economic well-being of communities.

Main Goals:

  1. Promote Sustainable Civil Society Dialogue: Foster the development of a sustainable civil society dialogue between Finland and EU CSOs, cultivating long-term partnerships that contribute to the overall well-being of communities.
  2. Advocate for Volunteering as a Universal Value: Cultivate a mutual understanding of volunteering, positioning it as a core value accessible to everyone, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries.
  3. Create a Favorable Environment for Volunteers: Work towards establishing and maintaining an environment that encourages and supports volunteers, ensuring their contributions are recognized and valued.
  4. Facilitate Sustainable Cooperation: Establish enduring collaborations at local, regional, and national levels between CSOs in Finland and their European counterparts. These collaborations will focus on the promotion and support of volunteers and volunteering, in conjunction with the public sector.
  5. Adopt Innovative Approaches to Mobilize Volunteering: Embrace diverse approaches to mobilize and facilitate volunteering, encouraging creative solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of communities and society.

United Vision Ry Association is dedicated to realizing these goals, embodying a commitment to empower the youth, promote cross-cultural understanding, and drive positive change through collaborative and sustainable initiatives.

Join the Vision

Every individual brings a unique hue to our expansive canvas. If you resonate with our ethos and are passionate about making a global impact, we invite you to become part of our ever-growing family.